the NEW! EDGE Program

What is the EDGE Program & how can it save you money on your processing fees?

Our new EDGE program Replaces the old cash discount model. Our new EDGE program is comprised of Flat Rate Pricing with the ability to offset 100% of your credit card processing fees.

Here's How It Works


Let's say you have a flat rate priced at 3.84%.


Your non-cash adjustment will be set at 4%


A customer makes a $100 purchase and pays with a credit card.


With the non-cash adjustment, the customer is charged $104 while you charged your flat rate of 3.84% ($104 - 3.99 = $100.01).


In this case, you make at least $0.01 more than they would if they weren't on Edge.

Customers who switched to our EDGE Program saved an average of 27% on their processing fees.

I didnt realize how much money i was losing with square until i switched. I was able to get better quality terminals and saved more than i expected on my fees.
Steve M.
I like the fact that they have flexible terms. Honestly i saved a reasonble amount of money.
Adam C.
Northwood Coffee Bar
The experience was really good. Not only were i able to save but i always get my money on-time.
Maria C.
Pinecrest Luxury Furniture

Pick Your Terminal

More than just a payments provider.

Fraud Protection

Payanywhere products comes with EMV chip card, NFC contactless, and magstripe reader. That help you SAVE MONEY from charge-backs & LESS RISKY for your business.


Payanywhere products comes with Android software & 4G with WIFI connectivity. Now you can have the RELIABILITY and SPEED so you don't miss out on any sells.

Built-in receipt printer

The Built-in receipt printer Provides CONVENIENCE to your on-the-go customers and helps IMRPOVE Customer trust & increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Front and Back cameras

The front and back camera Makes it EASY to scan barcodes & also Allows for EFFICIENT inventory tracking and SAVE TIME!

24/7 Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team that is ready to answer questions 24/7/365.

Mobile App

Available for iOS or Android, the Payanywhere app can be as basic or as feature-rich as you want your payments to be.

Choose Your Pricing

Unique Pricing for Every Business

Flat Rate

Flat Rate Pricing is perfect for merchants who want one flat rate for every transaction but aren’t interested in offering customers a discount for paying with cash.That means you can get one low rate (with the processing fees built in) for every type of transaction, including: EMV, NFC, Magstripe, MobileVirtual &Keyed-In Ecommerce.


Pricing with rates starting as low as 2.69%.

Edge Program

Edge allows for a single
rate on all transactions and a
method for you to reduce
your processing fees by getting
a discount on items paid for with cash.     

Complete Easy Application

FREE Installation & Start Saving

Customers reviews

"We move our merchant account from Elavon to these guys and we are 100% happy with our account manager michael for making the transition smoothly".
Juan Carlos Jimenez
Casa Cuba Cafe
"We have had a great experience with Clearwater Capital. They showed substantial savings from our last provider and we were given support going though the PCI complaince with secured pro".
Peter J. Roberts
Southern Spice BBQ
"Helpful, easy to follow instructions, and without rushing, whenever I am unsure of an action on the terminal and the customer support is always open".
Mia Nail Salon
Mia Hirsh

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my rates won't change after I set up?

We believe in long term relationships because if you’re making money then we’re also making money. We offer a 30 day no contract trial. If you don’t like the service then just simply cancel for free and send us back the equipment.

Will you leave me hanging because I was sold merchant services before and after I set up, I never heard from the rep ever again let alone trying to get a hold of customer service?

We understand how frustrating & embarrassing it can be in front of customers when an issue occurs, that can even make you lose money & cost you the sale. We have a dedicated customer support team that is ready to answer your questions and provide any support 24/7/365.

My current merchant sometimes can take a few days and even a week for my payouts. How do I know you won't delay my payouts?

We understand that you have payroll and other expenses to pay, that’s why we offer guaranteed NEXT DAY FUNDING. On top of our 24/7/365 customer support, we make sure you don’t get any unnecessary charges and your fees are always consistent plus on time payouts, always!

Will the EDGE program work with my current POS?

Yes, in most cases. We will work with you to provide you the best solution that makes sense. We always install all of our equipments for FREE.