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Why Our Leads Work

Inbound Leads

Our leads are 100% inbound. They are all form opt-ins so you don't have to worry about bothering any one.


All of our leads come in in real time. They are real business owners looking for funding ASAP.

High Quality

We have some of the highest quality leads in the industry. Marketing doesn't have to be complicated. Our strategy is simple and very straight forward.

Custom Targeted

Our marketing campaigns are hyper focus to the right target audience. We are constantly testing and learning as new data and trends change.

How We Generate Our Leads

We run targeted & Strategic ad campaigns that are very effective through these popular media channels.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most effective and affortable tools to generate traffic. platform has access to billions of people daily. That means bigger oppurtunities for you.

Google Ads

Google ads is a little bit more expensive but has higher qaulity with higher intent.

Instagram Ads

Similiar to Facebook Ads, Instagram ads are very low cost and can get some really good high quality leads.


We have build a bunch of email list over the years and we have list that fit any audience.


James Earl Jr.

Elevate Next Level Funding LLC

" I was buying shitty leads from another lead gen company and all they were feeding me were complate garbage. Full of Start ups. When i found CCG, that was a game changer for me. My business literally 10X!"


"To be success in this business you really need a good lead company. I had got a couple bad leads in the begining but i like how they came in and replaced the bad leads for better ones for me. Ever since then, i've had no issues.

Frantz Louis

RBD Capital Group Inc

Todd Finkelstein

Cashflow Biz Loans LLC

"Without a question, i would recommend Clearwater because they complately helped changed my business".